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Cannabis Education Center Announces Upcoming Courses

C3RN collaborates with Holyoke Community College, offering courses like 'How to Start a Cannabis Business' and 'Professional Cannabis Business Plan Development.' Join the Cannabis Education Center's upcoming sessions for industry insights. Limited space. Register at

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Dr. McNabb Interview with Bob Oakes: Marijuana Vape Sales to Medical Patients Will Likely Resume

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, addresses the Cannabis Control Commission's potential ban on medical marijuana vapes. A judge grants CCC sole authority. Listen to the discussion with Bob Oakes on WBUR's Morning Edition, November 7, 2019.

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Holyoke Community College to Offer Cannabis Industry Training Programs

Holyoke Community College, in partnership with C3RN, launches Massachusetts' first Cannabis Education Center. It offers certificate training in various cannabis industry roles, combining classroom learning with hands-on internships, and focuses on social equity, aiming to train 100 students in its first year.

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Emerging Cannabis Industry Focus Of Oct. 21 Event At HCC

Dr. Marion McNabb, C3RN CEO, partner with HCC for an educational event on Oct. 21, focusing on the emerging cannabis industry in Western Mass. Aimed at spurring investment and job creation, this event marks the start of a series promoting economic growth in the cannabis sector.

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Seth Moulton to Speak by Video at Lynn Cannabis Conference

Congressman Seth Moulton, amidst his presidential campaign, will deliver a keynote via video at a Lynn cannabis conference, focusing on innovations in cultivation and treatment. Hosted by C3RN and Alternative Treatment Veterans, the event promotes diverse professional interaction in the cannabis industry.

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BostInno Panel: From Reducing Stigma to Driving Justice

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of C3RN, participated in BostInno's cannabis industry event, discussing reducing stigma and challenges for small businesses in Massachusetts' growing cannabis sector. The event focused on the future of cannabusiness and social justice.

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'Don’t Mess with My Livelihood,' Hemp Advocates Tell Lawmakers

Discover the passionate response of hemp advocates to new state regulations in Massachusetts. Jessica Bartlett of the Boston Business Journal captures the intensity of the protest against the ban on hemp-derived products. Read the full story for in-depth coverage of this significant development in the hemp industry.

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Restrictive Massachusetts Guidelines on Selling CBD Products Worry Hemp Farmers

Massachusetts hemp farmers face a challenging landscape with new CBD regulations. Shira Schoenberg's article delves into the struggles of local farmers like Jonathan MacDougall, adapting to the ban on CBD-infused food products. This critical piece explores the intricate balance between agricultural innovation and regulatory constraints, highlighting the potential impact on the state's hemp market. Dive into the full story to understand how these guidelines affect farmers and the future of hemp in Massachusetts.

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Veterans Health Study Seeks to Expand Awareness, Access to Medical Marijuana

Catch a glimpse into the collaborative efforts of Stephen Mandile, Marion McNabb, and C3RN in championing medical marijuana for veterans. Susan Spencer's article showcases their dedication to using cannabis as a therapeutic option for PTSD and pain, highlighting their advocacy and research in Massachusetts. Their collective journey is not just about policy change but also about hope and healing for veterans

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Event in Holyoke Discussing Equity in Pot Industry Draws Big Crowd

The Cannabis Advancement Conference in Holyoke, focusing on equity in the cannabis industry, drew a large crowd. Hosted by Veterans Alternative Healing, Cannabis Community Care and Research, and Joint Venture, the event emphasized collaboration in Massachusetts' cannabis sector.

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Mass. Banned Vape Sales More than Two Months Ago. And Now Business in N.H. and Maine is Booming

Following Massachusetts' vape ban, New Hampshire and Maine see a surge in sales. Naomi Martin reports increased cross-border traffic for nicotine and cannabis vaping products, highlighting consumer adaptations and business boom in neighboring states.

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As Cannabis Control Commission Prepares to Vote on Vaping Ban, Coalition Says Mass. Should Lift Ban on Already Tested THC Vape Products

C3RN, led by CEO Marion McNabb, urges the Cannabis Control Commission to lift the ban on tested THC vape products in Massachusetts, advocating for access and safety in a letter ahead of the commission's vote. The letter suggests policy changes and a vape buyback program.

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Cannabis Education Center at HCC | Connecting Point | Oct. 23, 2019

Holyoke Community College collaborates with the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network to launch a Cannabis Education Center. A recent forum at HCC, covered by New England Public Media, featured discussions with Jeffery Hayden of HCC, Dr. Marion McNabb of C3RN, and INSA CEO Matt Zatyrka on industry opportunities.

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Language of Business TV show and podcast filming: All About Cannabis!

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, discusses cannabis research at Worcester's Bull Mansion on Language of Business TV. She covers development, dispensing, funding, and university partnerships. A podcast and video footage are forthcoming.

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Cannabis Control Commission's Social Equity Program Moves Forward with Six Vendors

The Cannabis Control Commission announces qualified vendors for its Social Equity Program, including the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN). The program aims to support Massachusetts residents impacted by marijuana prohibition, offering training in various aspects of the cannabis industry.

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Hemp Growers Alarmed by State's New CBD Guidance

Massachusetts' new CBD guidelines alarm hemp growers, reports Telegram and Gazette. The state's restriction on CBD food products and therapeutic claims impacts local farmers and industry, contrasting with less regulated out-of-state and online sales.

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