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CCOE Team.
Cannabis Center of Excellence - Dedicated Team. Left to right: Vanessa Jones, Alyssa Pingitore, Dr. Marion McNabb & David "DJ" Ritter
Dr. Marion McNabb of CCOE.

Dr. Marion McNabb

Founder and President, Cannabis Center of Excellence

Dr. Marion McNabb is a renowned Public Health Doctor with over 20 years of experience in diverse areas such as cannabis research, digital health, and HIV/AIDS. She serves as the Senior Director of Research and Learning at United Way of Massachusetts Bay, implementing innovative measurement frameworks and contributing to research agendas. Dr. McNabb holds a Bachelor’s from St. Louis University, a Master's in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, and a Doctorate from Boston University School of Public Health.

As President of the Cannabis Center of Excellence and CEO of 510 Innovations, LLC, she is a key figure in cannabis research and policy, notably serving on the MA Cannabis Advisory Board and chairing its Research Sub-Committee. Her leadership has seen the completion of several impactful studies on cannabis use, focusing on groups like veterans and healthcare providers, and exploring topics like social justice and environmental sustainability in cannabis cultivation.

Under her guidance, the Cannabis Center of Excellence has received multiple recognitions, including NECANN awards for cannabis research. Dr. McNabb's career spans significant contributions in global public health, digital health strategy, and sexual and reproductive health, showcasing her commitment to advancing public health knowledge and practice.

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Vanessa Jones of CCOE.

Vanessa Jones

 Program Manager, Cannabis Center of Excellence

Vanessa Jones, Founder and CEO of Your Virtual Right Hand, is a dynamic professional known for her exceptional skills in executive assistance, marketing, and business development. Her expertise has greatly contributed to the success of various organizations, including the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE).

Serving as the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Vanessa has demonstrated her proficiency in managing complex operations in a remote environment. Her tenure at Minorities for Medical Marijuana as an Executive Office Administrator was marked by effective management of day-to-day operations, overseeing schedules, coordinating events, and implementing organizational systems for efficiency.

At CCOE, Vanessa plays a vital role in supporting the organization's mission, showcasing her versatility and commitment to social justice in the cannabis industry. Her background includes significant administrative roles at the California Black Chamber of Commerce and Inspire Charter Schools, where she displayed her adeptness in diverse administrative tasks and event management.

Vanessa's educational journey in Deaf Studies and Biology from California State University-Sacramento, combined with her fluency in American Sign Language, adds depth to her professional profile. Her career trajectory exemplifies adaptability, excellence in administrative and managerial roles, and a commitment to the success of the organizations she serves.

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David Ritter of CCOE.

David Ritter

Data Scientist Cannabis Center of Excellence


David "DJ" Ritter is a seasoned Data Scientist at the Cannabis Center of Excellence, INC, where he leverages data analytics and statistical modeling to influence strategic decisions in the cannabis industry. His expertise in supporting citizen science and online collaboration marks his commitment to innovation in the field.

Before his current role, David significantly contributed to the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN), focusing on the study of cannabis's health and medication impacts. His work at Jali Medical and as an Analyst at Marduk Asset Management in Florida showcases his broad analytical skills and experience in multidisciplinary research.

Holding an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from Middlesex Community College, David's educational background enriches his approach to data-driven decision-making in the cannabis sector. His professional network and active engagement with industry leaders and institutions, coupled with certifications like the Social Equity Program demonstrating his ongoing commitment to learning and leadership in cannabis research and policy.

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Alyssa Pingitore of CCOE.

Alyssa Pingitore

Research Assistant, Cannabis Center of Excellence


Alyssa Pingitore is a highly skilled Human Research Quality Manager at Boston University School of Medicine. With an impressive five-year background in human subjects research and regulatory compliance, she specializes in substance use disorder interventional research and ethics. Alyssa's extensive experience includes four years as a Senior Research Assistant at Boston Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry, where she led clinical trials on off-label use of FDA-approved medications for alcohol use disorder, aiming to expand treatment options in the fight against addiction.

Currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health, Alyssa is deeply committed to advancing public health research. Her role at the Cannabis Center of Excellence, INC involves significant responsibilities in data analysis and dissemination of research findings. Alyssa's combination of practical experience, academic pursuit, and dedication to ethical research practices positions her as a vital contributor to the field of human research quality management.

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