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Revolutionizing Veteran Care through Cannabis Research​

The Cannabis Center of Excellence, INC. (CCOE, INC.), a beacon in the realm of cannabis research, stands as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It's an amalgamation of a virtual resource and network comprising cannabis industry professionals, academics, policymakers, healthcare providers, consumers, and patients. With a steadfast commitment to breaking the stigma and advancing social justice in the cannabis industry, CCOE conducts citizen-science focused population studies and programs, encapsulating community engagement, medical and adult-use cannabis, and the pursuit of social justice within the cannabis sphere.

Cannabis Center of Excellence's Vision

At the helm of this revolutionary journey is Dr. Marion McNabb, a name synonymous with pioneering research and advocacy in the cannabis community. Dr. McNabb's vision for CCOE is not just to conduct groundbreaking research but to create a ripple effect of positive change, impacting both policy and perception regarding cannabis use, especially for medicinal purposes.

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The Genesis of CCOE and Veteran Research

Marion McNabb and her dedicated team at the CCOE, intricately designed this groundbreaking endeavor to delve into the uncharted territories of cannabis research, with a special emphasis on its impact on veterans. These are more that just studies; it's a movement, a call to arms to understand, acknowledge, and harness the potential of medical cannabis in transforming the lives of veterans who have bravely served the nation.

The Mission of iCount for Veterans Studies

The mission of iCount for Veterans, a research endeavor led by the Cannabis Center of Excellence, is to generate empirical evidence regarding the efficacy of medical cannabis in addressing the distinct health challenges encountered by veterans. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate their access to alternative and effective treatment modalities. This initiative is not just a research study; it serves as a beacon of hope and opens up new possibilities for healing and wellness for the brave men and women who have served our country.

The Impact and Potential of iCount for Veterans Studies

The iCount for Veterans initiative led by the Cannabis Center of Excellence holds immense potential to reshape healthcare for veterans. By generating concrete, scientific data on the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, iCount for Veterans aims to drive changes in healthcare policies and practices, ensuring that veterans receive the highest standard of care. This platform is not solely focused on data collection; it is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of veterans.

iCount for Veterans Role in Veteran Healthcare

iCount for Veterans plays a pivotal role in addressing the multifaceted health issues faced by veterans. The platform focuses on chronic pain, mental health disorders like PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life. The approach is holistic, considering not just the physical but also the emotional and psychological well-being of veterans.

Veteran cap with black shoes and a doctor's stethoscope.
Veteran cap with black shoes and a doctor's stethoscope.

A Collaborative Effort

This initiative is a collaborative effort, bringing together experts from various fields, including healthcare, academia, and the cannabis industry. The synergy of these diverse perspectives ensures a comprehensive understanding of the needs of veterans and how best to address them through cannabis research.

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Joining the Mission

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For Veterans

Veterans who choose to join the iCount for Veteran studies embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. They become part of a supportive community, sharing their experiences and contributing to a body of research that could change the course of veteran healthcare.

Veteran Access

For Researchers and Professionals

For researchers and professionals in the cannabis industry, iCount for Veterans offers an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of cannabis research. Participation in iCount for Veterans studies offered by the Cannabis Center of Excellence is not just about contributing to scientific knowledge; it's about being part of a movement that could redefine how we view cannabis. This could also change how we use cannabis as a medicine.


For the Community

The broader community can join this mission by supporting CCOE through donations, advocacy, and spreading awareness. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference in advancing this vital cause.


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The iCount for Veterans Research Studies, under the stewardship of Dr. Marion McNabb and the Cannabis Center of Excellence, is more than just a research study. It's a crusade for change, a testament to the healing power of cannabis, and a tribute to the resilience and valor of our veterans. Join us in this mission to revolutionize veteran care through the power of cannabis research. Together, we can make a difference.

Undoo® Veterans Research Study

The Undoo® Veterans Study will be conducted in tandem with the CCOE Veterans Cannabis Access Program (VCAP). Veterans will receive Undoo® products as a part of their participation in ongoing CCOE studies and report on its effectiveness for the intended outcomes.

What is Undoo® for?

  • THC Tolerance Reset
  • THC Overconsumption
  • Brain Fog

Undoo® products will be made available for 500 U.S. military veterans that are enrolled in iCount for Veterans. Veterans who receive UNDOO will report on its effectiveness as per protocols. 

Undoo® products do not contain cannabis or cannabinoids. The Study Enrollment closed Nov 2023.

Brief Overview of the Undoo Veterans Study

  • Objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of Undoo softgels for managing THC overconsumption and alleviating brain fog in veterans.
  • Key Findings:
    • Reset THC Tolerance: Significant number of veterans reported a successful reset of THC tolerance.
    • Manage Overconsumption: Most veterans experienced relief from THC overconsumption symptoms.
    • Reduce Brain Fog: Positive impact noted in clearing cannabis-induced mental haziness.
  • Veteran Feedback:
    • High willingness to reuse and recommend the Undoo products.
    • Notable improvement in mental clarity and overall well-being.

For detailed results and further insights, click here to view more.

Brick VFW Building with a beautiful blue sky in the background.

Massachusetts Veterans Cannabis Access Project 

Good Chemistry, The Cannabis Center of Excellence, and Patriots Helping Vets ran a veterans cannabis access research project in Massachusetts in 2023. Veterans reported on products impacts on health and wellness.

Brief Summary of the Massachusetts Veterans Cannabis Access Project

  • Project Aim: Explore the accessibility and effects of cannabis products on veterans in Massachusetts.
  • Primary Focus:
    • Accessibility: Assess how easily veterans can access cannabis products in Massachusetts.
    • Efficacy: Evaluate the effectiveness of these products in addressing veterans' health concerns.
  • Initial Observations:
    • Improved Access: Notable progress in veterans' access to cannabis products across the state.
    • Health Benefits: Preliminary reports suggest positive impacts on health conditions commonly faced by veterans.
  • Veteran Participation:
    • Encouraging number of veteran enrollments in the program.
    • Active contribution from veterans in reporting their experiences and outcomes.

Discover more about the Massachusetts Veterans Cannabis Access Project and its impact on veteran health and wellness. Click here for detailed insights.

Shadow of veteran saluting in water.
Reflection of a veteran saluting in the water.

Green Lion Partners Vape Device Survey

Interested in sharing your opinions about vape devices? Join the iCount for Veterans and Green Lion Partners veterans vape survey. The survey takes five minutes and the first five veterans to sign up will receive a free vape device to evaluate. This study has ended. 

Summary of the Green Lion Partners Vape Device Survey​

  • Survey Goal: Investigate the usage and experiences of veterans with vape devices for cannabis consumption.
  • Key Focus Areas:
    • Usage Patterns: Understanding how veterans use vape devices for cannabis.
    • Device Preferences: Identifying preferred types and features of vape devices among veterans.
  • Preliminary Findings:
    • Diverse Usage: Veterans show varied patterns in the usage of vape devices.
    • Preference Trends: Initial data indicates specific preferences in device types and features.
  • Veteran Involvement:
    • Strong engagement from the veteran community in providing valuable feedback.
    • Contributions crucial in shaping future development of vape devices.

Learn more about veterans' experiences with vape devices and the implications for cannabis consumption. Click here for comprehensive results.

Vapes in a vape cloud with a blue background.

Gibby's Garden Veterans Cannabis Access Project 

Gibby's Garden,​ The Cannabis Center of Excellence, and Patriots Helping Vets have conducted a veterans cannabis access research project in Massachusetts in 2023. Check the results out here!

Summary of the Gibby's Garden Veterans Cannabis Access Project

  • Project Objective: To evaluate the accessibility and impact of Gibby's Garden cannabis products on veterans in Massachusetts.
  • Focus Points:
    • Product Accessibility: Examining the ease of access for veterans to obtain Gibby's Garden cannabis products.
    • Health Impact: Assessing the effectiveness of these products on veterans' health and well-being.
  • Initial Insights:
    • Enhanced Access: Notable improvements in veterans' ability to access Gibby's Garden products.
    • Positive Health Outcomes: Preliminary reports indicate beneficial effects on common health issues faced by veterans.
  • Veteran Engagement:
    • Significant participation from veterans in the program.
    • Valuable feedback provided by veterans on their experiences with the products.

Discover more about the Gibby's Garden Veterans Cannabis Access Project and its significance for veterans' health. Click here for detailed information.

Medicinal cannabis tinctures on a burlap cloth with a cannabis leaf on the right.

Cannabis Center of Excellence is ready to share Veterans Voices.

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