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Free Webinar On Cannabis And Harm-Reduction

Free webinar on April 9 at 7pm, featuring Dr. McNabb and ​Dr. Grinspoon discussing "Cannabis as an Alternative" research. Explore its clinical and policy implications. It's the first of a 3-part webinar. Check out more by their lead media sponsor, ​Talking Joints Memo.

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Prescription pills and cannabis flower on a prescription page.

“Cannabis As Alternative” Policy Memo To Gov Healey

The Cannabis Center of Excellence advocates for cannabis as an opioid alternative, presenting research to Governor Healey. Their memo suggests funding for cannabis research and education to combat Massachusetts' opioid crisis. Read more on ​Talking Joints Memo by TJM.

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Cannabis Center of Excellence Launches New Education Resource 

Discover the latest from the Cannabis Center of Excellence, spotlighted by ​Talking Joints Memo. Thanks to Gibby's Garden and Kief Studio, explore our comprehensive new portal for key cannabis research and education. Dive into groundbreaking studies and resources made possible by these incredible partnerships.

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Video: Cannabis As an Alternative to Substance and Drug Abuse

Dr. Marion McNabb's study at the Cannabis Center of Excellence reveals cannabis as an alternative therapy, focusing on opioid epidemic and homelessness in Massachusetts. The study highlights significant reductions in substance use among participants, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions."

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Cannabis As an Alternative to Substance and Drug Use

CCOE's Massachusetts Study, authored by TJM Staff, investigates cannabis as a potential alternative for treating substance and drug use.

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Positioning Massachusetts to Lead on Marijuana Research

The Boston Globe recently highlighted the significance of understanding marijuana's complexity amid its increasing legalization for recreational and medical use. The article emphasizes the need to separate hysteria from reality, recognizing Massachusetts as a potential hub for cannabis research with its renowned institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and a thriving legal marijuana industry.

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Veteran Advocates Present Cannabis Research on Beacon Hill

Dr. Marion McNabb and veteran advocates present significant research from the Cannabis Center of Excellence on Beacon Hill, highlighting cannabis's role in reducing psychological symptoms and substance use among veterans, and advocating for expanded medical cannabis access.

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Cannabis Control Commission seeks to expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana.

Massachusetts' Cannabis Control Commission, supported by Dr. Marion McNabb of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, advocates for expanded veteran access to medical marijuana. Efforts focus on affordability, broader qualifying conditions like PTSD, and overcoming federal legal barriers.

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2020-202​2 Press Coverage

Marijuana consumers deserve to know what they’re smoking (or eating)

Massachusetts faces challenges with inaccurate cannabis labeling and testing. Reforms are proposed for stricter standards and oversight, emphasizing the need for consumer safety and transparency in the marijuana industry.

Check out the Full Boston Globe Article Here 

Could Massachusetts become a cannabis research hub?

Discover how Massachusetts could lead in cannabis research, featuring insights from Dr. Marion McNabb of the Cannabis Center of Excellence. Dive into the detailed article at Common Wealth.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​C​h​ec​k ​Ou​t​ ​Full CommonWealth Article Here 

In Massachusetts, New Research Project Examines Veterans’ Access to Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Business Times features a study by the Cannabis Center of Excellence on veterans' medical cannabis access in Massachusetts, assessing the legal market's effectiveness and aiming to improve accessibility.

Check out the Full Cannabis Business Times Article Here 

Dr. McNabb - The Most Influential Women within the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

Explore Joint Operations' latest article featuring Dr. Marion McNabb, recognized as one of the most influential women in Massachusetts' cannabis industry. Don't miss this insightful read!

Check out the Full Joint Operations Article Here 

MCR Labs Hosts Cannabis Science Fair

Speakers at the Science Fair featured MCR Labs' Chief Executive Officer Michael Kahn and the founder of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, Dr. Marion McNabb. They addressed issues such as the intricacies of cannabis testing, the importance of open data exchange, and ongoing initiatives in cannabis research.

Check out the Full Candid Chronicle Article Here 

First-Ever Cannabis Science Fair at Boston University

Boston University's first Cannabis Science Fair, co-hosted with MCR Labs and Cannabis Center of Excellence, highlights cutting-edge cannabis research and innovations. Keynote speakers and diverse studies showcase the plant's scientific and medical potential.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​C​h​ec​k ​Ou​t​ ​Full Bluntness Article Here 

Interviews from The 2021 Harvest Cup presents 2021 Harvest Cup interviews. This includes an interview with Dr. Marion McNabb, one of the most influential women in the cannnabis industry in Massachusetts. 

Check out the youtube interviews here 

Inaugural Massachusetts Cannabis Science Fair Sets to Fuel Collaboration and Education About Cannabis

Massachusetts' first "Cannabis Science Fair," a collaboration between MCR Labs, the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCoE), and Innovate@BU, aims to educate and foster collaboration in cannabis research. The event features keynotes and presentations from top institutions and experts.

Check out the Full Cannabis Science tech's Article Here 

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Dr. Marion McNabb of Cannabis Center of Excellence

Dr. McNabb joins Cannabis BPO Advisory Board

Dr. Marion McNabb joins the Advisory Board of CannabisBPO, bringing her expertise in cannabis research to enhance the company's science-based client solutions. As President of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, she'll provide valuable insights for CannabisBPO's industry services.

Read Press Release Here From CannabisBPO 

MCR Labs' inaugural "Cannabis Science Fair"

MCR Labs, in partnership with the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCoE) and Innovate@BU, will host the pioneering "Cannabis Science Fair" at Boston University. This event, aimed at expanding knowledge about cannabis through research, will feature presentations from top institutions and experts. For more information, visit MCR Labs' website.

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Dr. Marion McNabb Grower Stories Image

Grower Stories #154: Dr. Marion McNabb

Explore the insights from Dr. Marion McNabb's journey with the Cannabis Center of Excellence in AskGrowers' Grower Stories #154. Delve into the impactful cannabis research led by Dr. McNabb, uncovering the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety, especially during the COVID-19 era. Learn about her personal cannabis consumption routine, her vision for the CCOE, and her collaboration with esteemed researchers, highlighting the critical difference between medical and recreational cannabis use.

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Hydroponic Device for Growing Cannabis at Home

Annaboto, a revolutionary hydroponic cannabis-growing device by Carl Palme, clinches the $10,000 prize at BU's Innovate@BU Cannabis Competition, showcasing industry innovations and spotlighting leaders like Marion McNabb from the Cannabis Center of Excellence.


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Healthcare and Medical Cannabis

Benzinga reports on a study by ​Dr. Marion McNab​​b​ and the Cannabis Center of Excellence, exploring healthcare professionals' knowledge and learning needs about medical cannabis, addressing the education gap since its removal from U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1937.

​​​View Full Article Here 

Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board Appointees Ann​ounced by Treasurer Goldberg

Enjoy this article by Cannabis Science Tech, Dr. Marion McNabb joins Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board, guiding state marijuana regulation and taxation, reflecting Cannabis Center of Excellence's influence in cannabis.

View Full Benzinga Article Here 

Podcast - Cannabis & Healthcare

Check out this podcast featuring Dr. Marion McNabb, of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, and Nurse Mark. The Green Nurse Talk all things cannabis and about healthcare professionals.

View Full Podcast Here 

Research Abounds: Take Medical Cannabis Industry to the Next Level

Dr. Marion McNabb, in collaboration with UMass Dartmouth and ​Medicinal Genomics, is advancing medical cannabis research. Her study focuses on healthcare professionals' knowledge and attitudes towards medical cannabis. She leverages her public health background to integrate cannabis education and research, aiming to understand its medical benefits and advocate for its clinical implementation. McNabb's work challenges the limitations imposed by cannabis's federal classification and seeks to destigmatize and educate about its potential in healthcare.

View Full Article by Megan L'Heureux Here 

Drug Topics: Healthcare Provider-Focused Medical Cannabis Research

The Cannabis Center of Excellence, Medicinal Genomics, and UMass Dartmouth launched a study led by Dr. Marion McNabb to understand healthcare providers' knowledge and attitudes towards medical cannabis. The study aims to gather insights from healthcare professionals in the US and Canada, enhancing understanding of medicinal cannabis in clinical practice. This research is crucial for integrating medical cannabis education in healthcare.

​View Full Article by Madeline Colie 

Picture of stethescope. CCOE article image.

What Do Healthcare Pros Know (And Want To Learn) About Medical Cannabis?

The Cannabis Center of Excellence, UMass Dartmouth, and Medicinal Genomics, in an article by Javier Hasse of Benzinga, are conducting a study to understand healthcare professionals' knowledge and learning needs about medical cannabis. This research aims to close the knowledge gap and develop educational content for healthcare providers. Preliminary findings will be presented at CannMed 2021, with final results at CannMed 2022.

View Full Article by Javier Hasse Here 

Healthcare Provider Views on Medical Cannabis

The Cannabis Center of Excellence, led by Dr. Marion McNabb, is conducting a study to gather healthcare providers' insights on medical cannabis in the U.S. and Canada. This research, reported by Angela Stelmakowich of The Growth Op, aims to understand their experiences, education, and future learning interests in medical cannabis. Preliminary results are expected in October, with further updates in May.

​​​View Full Podcast Here 

Medical Cannabis Research Study Launched by CCOE

The Cannabis Center of Excellence, Medicinal Genomics, and UMass Dartmouth have launched a study to understand healthcare providers' experiences and education on medical cannabis, as reported by Madeline Colli. This study aims to enhance future clinical education on cannabis, with preliminary results to be shared at CannMed 2021 and final findings in Fall 2022.

​View Full  Article By Madeline Colli Here 

Yep, More People in the U.S. are Smoking Weed During the Pandemic

Cannabis consumption in the U.S. has increased during the pandemic, with many using it for health reasons like stress, anxiety, and sleep, reports Angela Stelmakowich of Regina Leader Post. The Cannabis Center of Excellence notes a rise in use for managing health conditions and reducing medication.

View Full Article by Angela Stelmakowich Here 

UMass Cannabis And COVID-19 Study Preliminary Results Released

Dr. Marion McNabb of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, in a WBZ News Radio report, discusses how cannabis aids COVID-19 patients. A study reveals increased use for anxiety and pain, with barriers to access and a rise in home cultivation during the pandemic.

​​​​View article by WBX News Radio


Cannabis Users Consumed More During COVID Pandemic

Reported by Melissa Hanson, a study by UMass Dartmouth and Cannabis Center of Excellence, led by Dr. Marion McNabb, shows 49% of cannabis users increased consumption during COVID-19 for managing anxiety, depression, and pain, with cost as a growing barrier.

​​​View Full  Article By Melissa Hanson ​


Cannabis Retailers Vow to Fight Marijuana Delivery Regulations Poised for Passage Monday

Massachusetts cannabis retailers, as reported by Boston Herald, are gearing up to oppose new marijuana delivery regulations. Dr. Marion McNabb's insights might shed light on this industry challenge. The regulations are set for potential approval on Monday.

​​View Full Article by Boston Herald Here​ 

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CannMed Events Coffee Talk Podcast with Dr. Marion McNabb

Explore public health and cannabis with Dr. Marion McNabb in this insightful podcast. As President of Cannabis Center of Excellence and CEO of C3RN, Dr. McNabb discusses her veteran health and medical cannabis study, examining U.S. veterans' health, cannabis use, and its effectiveness.

​​Check out this podcast by CannMed Events 

Cannabis Science and Technology to Host Special Veterans Day Webcast

Join Cannabis Science and Technology's Veterans Day webcast, featuring insights on medical cannabis aiding PTSD in veterans. Hosted by Madeline Colli, the event, in partnership with Cannabis Center of Excellence, spotlights Dr. McNabb's 2019 study and veteran experiences.

 ​​Read Full Article by Madeline Colli ​

Human holding cannabis flower.

MCR Labs ‘Ask An Expert’ Virtual Event Seeks to Clear Up Cannabis Confusion

MCR Labs, featuring Dr. Marion McNabb, hosts the "Ask an Expert" virtual event to clarify cannabis-related queries. This initiative by the Cannabis Center of Excellence and MCR LABS aims to educate on cannabis testing, research, and cultivation, enhancing understanding for both new and seasoned consumers.


​​Full Story on by MCR Labs on MG Magazine​ 

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Excelsior College Welcomes Our Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee of Leading Industry Professionals​

Excelsior College's new Cannabis Industrial Advisory Committee, featuring diverse professionals, supports its innovative Cannabis Control program. This initiative by the Cannabis Center of Excellence enhances education and career opportunities in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

​​Check out this full article by Excelsior staff 

Sociology Seminar Explores U.S. Drug Policy through Marijuana Legalization Debate

Rider University's sociology seminar, led by Dr. Sarah Trocchio, delves into U.S. drug policy and marijuana legalization, featuring insights from Cannabis Center of Excellence's Dr. Marion McNabb, highlighted by Adam Grybowski.

 ​​Read Full Article by Adam Grybowski ​

Medical Marijuana Sales Spike in Mass. After Recreational Ban

Massachusetts sees a spike in medical marijuana use after the recreational ban, as per Sam M's report. Over 7,000 join the state program, adapting to telehealth and curbside pickups, amid concerns about access and social justice impacts by Marion McNabb.


​​Full Story by Sam M of The Stash​ 

Cannabis Science and Technology® Launches New Dedicated Medical Cannabis Sister Brand

Cannabis Science and Technology® introduces Cannabis Patient Care™, focusing on medical cannabis benefits, starting with veterans' PTSD treatment. This informative sister brand offers research, patient stories, and expert insights to educate on medical cannabis. Partnership with Cannabis Center of Excellence enhances this educational initiative.

Check out the full article by Megan L'Heureux 

Cannabis Education Center Announces Upcoming Courses

C3RN collaborates with Holyoke Community College, offering courses like 'How to Start a Cannabis Business' and 'Professional Cannabis Business Plan Development.' Join the Cannabis Education Center's upcoming sessions for industry insights. Limited space. Register at

​​​View Full Article Here 

Cloud of vape vapors

Dr. McNabb Interview with Bob Oakes: Marijuana Vape Sales to Medical Patients Will Likely Resume

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, addresses the Cannabis Control Commission's potential ban on medical marijuana vapes. A judge grants CCC sole authority. Listen to the discussion with Bob Oakes on WBUR's Morning Edition, November 7, 2019.

​View Full WBUR Article Here ​

Cannabis plant in a basket.

Holyoke Community College to Offer Cannabis Industry Training Programs

Holyoke Community College, in partnership with C3RN, launches Massachusetts' first Cannabis Education Center. It offers certificate training in various cannabis industry roles, combining classroom learning with hands-on internships, and focuses on social equity, aiming to train 100 students in its first year.

View Full Article Here 

Bright purple lighting and cannabis leaves.

Emerging Cannabis Industry Focus Of Oct. 21 Event At HCC

Dr. Marion McNabb, C3RN CEO, partner with HCC for an educational event on Oct. 21, focusing on the emerging cannabis industry in Western Mass. Aimed at spurring investment and job creation, this event marks the start of a series promoting economic growth in the cannabis sector.

​​​View Full Article Here 

Microphone with lights in background.

Seth Moulton to Speak by Video at Lynn Cannabis Conference

Congressman Seth Moulton, amidst his presidential campaign, will deliver a keynote via video at a Lynn cannabis conference, focusing on innovations in cultivation and treatment. Hosted by C3RN and Alternative Treatment Veterans, the event promotes diverse professional interaction in the cannabis industry.

​​​​​​​​​​​​View Full Boston Globe Article Here ​​​​

Medical cannabis with cannabis tictures, flower, and oil.

BostInno Panel: From Reducing Stigma to Driving Justice

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of C3RN, participated in BostInno's cannabis industry event, discussing reducing stigma and challenges for small businesses in Massachusetts' growing cannabis sector. The event focused on the future of cannabusiness and social justice.

​​​View Article by Rowan Walrath Here ​​​ 

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Cannabis Center of Excellence.

'Don’t Mess with My Livelihood,' Hemp Advocates Tell Lawmakers

Discover the passionate response of hemp advocates to new state regulations in Massachusetts. Jessica Bartlett of the Boston Business Journal captures the intensity of the protest against the ban on hemp-derived products. Read the full story for in-depth coverage of this significant development in the hemp industry.

Check Out Article Business Journals Here!

Restrictive Massachusetts Guidelines on Selling CBD Products Worry Hemp Farmers

Massachusetts hemp farmers face a challenging landscape with new CBD regulations. Shira Schoenberg's article delves into the struggles of local farmers like Jonathan MacDougall, adapting to the ban on CBD-infused food products. This critical piece explores the intricate balance between agricultural innovation and regulatory constraints, highlighting the potential impact on the state's hemp market. Dive into the full story to understand how these guidelines affect farmers and the future of hemp in Massachusetts.

Check out Article on Mass Live 

Veterans Health Study Seeks to Expand Awareness, Access to Medical Marijuana

Catch a glimpse into the collaborative efforts of Stephen Mandile, Marion McNabb, and C3RN in championing medical marijuana for veterans. Susan Spencer's article showcases their dedication to using cannabis as a therapeutic option for PTSD and pain, highlighting their advocacy and research in Massachusetts. Their collective journey is not just about policy change but also about hope and healing for veterans

​Check out Article by Telegram & Gazette ​

Globe with large tree surrounded by cityscape.

Event in Holyoke Discussing Equity in Pot Industry Draws Big Crowd

The Cannabis Advancement Conference in Holyoke, focusing on equity in the cannabis industry, drew a large crowd. Hosted by Veterans Alternative Healing, Cannabis Community Care and Research, and Joint Venture, the event emphasized collaboration in Massachusetts' cannabis sector.

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Ban symbol in duotone.

Mass. Banned Vape Sales More than Two Months Ago. And Now Business in N.H. and Maine is Booming

Following Massachusetts' vape ban, New Hampshire and Maine see a surge in sales. Naomi Martin reports increased cross-border traffic for nicotine and cannabis vaping products, highlighting consumer adaptations and business boom in neighboring states.

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Vape and accersories next to a gavel.

As Cannabis Control Commission Prepares to Vote on Vaping Ban, Coalition Says Mass. Should Lift Ban on Already Tested THC Vape Products

C3RN, led by CEO Marion McNabb, urges the Cannabis Control Commission to lift the ban on tested THC vape products in Massachusetts, advocating for access and safety in a letter ahead of the commission's vote. The letter suggests policy changes and a vape buyback program.

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Cannabis Education Center at HCC | Connecting Point | Oct. 23, 2019

Holyoke Community College collaborates with the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network to launch a Cannabis Education Center. A recent forum at HCC, covered by New England Public Media, featured discussions with Jeffery Hayden of HCC, Dr. Marion McNabb of C3RN, and INSA CEO Matt Zatyrka on industry opportunities.

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Language of Business TV show and podcast filming: All About Cannabis!

Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, discusses cannabis research at Worcester's Bull Mansion on Language of Business TV. She covers development, dispensing, funding, and university partnerships. A podcast and video footage are forthcoming.

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Multicolored paper cutouts of people.

Cannabis Control Commission's Social Equity Program Moves Forward with Six Vendors

The Cannabis Control Commission announces qualified vendors for its Social Equity Program, including the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN). The program aims to support Massachusetts residents impacted by marijuana prohibition, offering training in various aspects of the cannabis industry.

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Hemp Growers Alarmed by State's New CBD Guidance

Massachusetts' new CBD guidelines alarm hemp growers, reports Telegram and Gazette. The state's restriction on CBD food products and therapeutic claims impacts local farmers and industry, contrasting with less regulated out-of-state and online sales.

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New face of Cannabis.

July 27, 2019

by Susan Spencer

The rising interest among seniors in cannabis for conditions like Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, and insomnia highlights a significant shift towards natural alternatives to prescription medications. Nancy Young's story at the Sutton Senior Center exemplifies this trend, with seniors exploring cannabis to improve their quality of life. Efforts by the Cannabis Center of Excellence aim to educate this demographic on safe cannabis use, while medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries adapt to meet the needs of the senior market.

Check Out Article on the Telegram & Gazette

C3RN | Study could help veterans get cannabis through health insurance​.

Jun 20, 2019

by Sam Laird

The Veterans Health and Medical Cannabis Research Study, led by the Cannabis Center of Excellence and its collaborators, is dedicated to exploring how veterans utilize cannabis for conditions like PTSD and pain management, often as a safer alternative to opioids. The primary objective of this initiative is to demonstrate the potential of cannabis as a harm-reduction strategy and advocate for its inclusion in veterans' health insurance coverage. By collecting comprehensive data on veterans' spending patterns and consumption habits, the study aims to influence policy changes that would facilitate easier access to cannabis for veterans, addressing a significant gap in their healthcare options.

Check out Article on Eaze 

Cannabis advocates rally in rebuttal to "Prohibition 2.0"

June 12, 2019

By Naomi Martin

Cannabis supporters gathered at the Massachusetts State House to counter criticism from a public health group, advocating for the state's marijuana regulations. Emphasizing community empowerment and equity, they backed proposals for new regulations, including cannabis cafe licenses, underscoring the importance of social consumption spaces. Highlighting the shift from prohibition, the rally showcased the community's resolve to support cannabis reforms and address the impacts of the war on drugs.

​Check out Article by Boston Globe ​

Pot Advocates Push Back on Concerns Raised by Some Health Professionals

JUNE 12, 2019

Addressing concerns about recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, Dr. Marion McNabb, CEO of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, and Stephen Mandile, founder of Veterans' Alternative Healing, advocate for a nuanced understanding of cannabis use. They emphasize the necessity of basing policies on solid evidence and the therapeutic potentials of marijuana, challenging the skepticism of some health professionals with their research-backed perspectives and commitment to public health and veterans' treatment options.

Discover more on NECN 

Veterans' Health Study Seeks to Expand Awareness, Access to Medical Marijuana

May 26, 2019

by Susan Spencer

Vannessa Jones, David "DJ" Ritter, Dr. Marion McNabb and the rest of the team at the Cannabis Center of Excellence, alongside Stephen Mandile of Veterans' Alternative Healing, are driving a pivotal study on veterans' medical marijuana use, aiming to inform policy change. This collaborative effort seeks to highlight the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for conditions like PTSD and chronic pain, countering federal restrictions and advocating for veterans' health rights. Their work emphasizes the urgent need for accessible alternative treatments and aims to shift legislative perspectives, underscoring the critical role of research in shaping a more inclusive health policy landscape. ​

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Backers of Veterans Marijuana Survey Hope to Change Policy March 18, 2019

May 3, 2019

by Kiernan Dunlop

​Dr. Marion McNabb and her team at the Cannabis Center of Excellence, in partnership with UMass Dartmouth and Veterans Alternative Healing Inc., are spearheading a survey to understand veterans' use of medical marijuana for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD. This Massachusetts-based initiative aims to leverage gathered data to influence state and federal policy changes, enhancing medical cannabis accessibility for veterans. The study, emphasizing real-world impacts over federal restrictions, showcases the team's commitment to advocating for veterans' rights and health through cannabis research.

Discover more on SouthCoastTODAY

Researchers studying veterans’ use of medical marijuana; early results presented in Holyoke

Published: Apr. 19, 2019

By Anne-Gerard Flynn

In Holyoke, preliminary findings from a study on veterans' cannabis use, led by​ Dr. Marion McNabb and her amazing team at the ​Cannabis Center of Excellence, indicate significant medical and recreational usage among participants for managing conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. This research aims to deepen understanding and improve healthcare integration, highlighting Massachusetts' potential as a leader in cannabis research and the Center's pivotal role.

Discover more on Masslive

Event in Holyoke discussing equity in pot industry draws big crowd

Ciara Speller

April 18, 2019

At the Cannabis Advancement Conference in Holyoke, the focus was on enhancing equity within the cannabis industry, with a significant turnout reported by Organized by key entities including the Cannabis Center of Excellence and spearheaded by advocates like ​Marion McNabb, ​DJ Ritter, and ​Vannessa Jones, the event emphasized collaboration between various-sized businesses to support veterans and others, showcasing the potential of cannabis in addressing critical health issues.

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Cannabis Advancement Series in Massachusetts Will Spotlight Social Equity at April 18 Event


The Cannabis Advancement Series in Massachusetts focuses on social equity, bringing together industry leaders in Holyoke to address the challenges and opportunities in creating a more inclusive cannabis industry. This initiative highlights the importance of collaboration between big and small businesses to support disadvantaged enterprises. Check out the ​Cannabis Center of Excellence - CCOE(then C3RN) and their involvement in this event!

Discover more on Cannabis Business Times

AmeriCann Partners with C3RN and Veterans Alternative Healing to Launch Veterans Health and Cannabis Citizen Science Study

April 4, 2019 

AmeriCann, ​C3RN (now known as Cannabis Center of Excellence-CCOE), and VAH launch a ​study to explore cannabis for veterans' health, aiming to improve access and treatment outcomes. The effort underscores the therapeutic potential of cannabis for conditions like PTSD and chronic pain, with a focus on enhancing veterans' quality of life.

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New coalition seeks to give veterans easier access to medical marijuana
March 18, 2019

After a decade on 57 medications for PTSD and pain, Iraq War veteran Stephen Mandile found relief through cannabis, with support from the Cannabis Center of Excellence and advocates like ​Marion McNabb, highlighting the plant's therapeutic potential.

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