Anonymous Veterans' Health and Cannabis Citizen Science Study

Discover the pivotal role of cannabis in veterans' health through our comprehensive study, 

highlighting therapeutic benefits and societal impacts.

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Overview of the Completed Research Study:

Study Synopsis

This comprehensive study, conducted by the Cannabis Center of Excellence in collaboration with C3RN and UMass Dartmouth, delves into the use of cannabis among veterans, exploring its therapeutic benefits and the socio-economic conditions affecting this group. Gathering data from 565 anonymous veteran respondents, the research examines patterns of medical cannabis usage, employment status, experiences of homelessness, and access to healthcare. 

Key findings reveal a substantial reliance on medically recommended cannabis, highlighting its significance in treating conditions prevalent among veterans such as PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety. This study not only sheds light on the potential of cannabis as a crucial part of veterans' treatment plans but also addresses the broader implications for the cannabis industry, healthcare policies, and the ongoing effort to destigmatize cannabis use. Through this analysis, we aim to inform policy, support veteran healthcare needs, and contribute to the evolving discourse on cannabis and health.

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Anonymous Veterans' Health and Cannabis Citizen Science Study

  • High Medical Cannabis Usage Among Veterans: Over half of the surveyed veterans (53%) use cannabis as medically recommended by a healthcare provider, underscoring the significant role of cannabis in the veteran community's healthcare regimen.
  • Economic and Social Challenges Highlighted: The study reveals critical socio-economic challenges faced by veterans, with 22% employed full-time and 30% having experienced homelessness, underscoring the need for comprehensive support systems.
  • Substantial Health Insurance Coverage: A notable 84% of respondents have health insurance, and 81% have prescription drug coverage, yet the reliance on cannabis indicates gaps in traditional treatment options and the potential for cannabis to fill these gaps.
  • Demographic Insights for Targeted Support: With 79% identifying as White or Euro-American and a majority married or in a domestic partnership, the data provided a demographic snapshot that can help tailor support and services. 

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Significance for the Cannabis Industry and Healthcare Policy

    • Driving Demand for Medical Cannabis: The findings highlight a growing demand for medical cannabis, presenting opportunities for the cannabis industry to innovate and provide targeted products for veterans.

    • Influencing Healthcare Policies: The study's insights into veterans' reliance on cannabis for medical conditions could influence healthcare policies, advocating for the inclusion of cannabis in treatment plans and insurance coverage.

    • Combatting Cannabis Stigma: The medical endorsement of cannabis by a significant portion of the veteran community contributes to normalizing cannabis use, potentially reducing stigma and facilitating broader acceptance.

    • Informing Veteran Support Services: Understanding the socio-economic and healthcare challenges faced by veterans can inform the development of more effective support services, including access to medical cannabis.

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Why This Study Matters

This study not only provides valuable insights for the cannabis industry and healthcare providers but also contributes to the ongoing discourse on the role of cannabis in public health, particularly among veterans. It underscores the need for policies that support the health and well-being of veterans, including access to medical cannabis as a viable treatment option.

Anonymous Veteran Study Provides Amazing Results for Future Decisions
Anonymous Veteran Study Provides Amazing Results for Future Decisions
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Expanded On,  Medical Cannabis Usage

Over half of the respondents (53%) reported using cannabis as medically recommended by a licensed provider. This high percentage underscores the growing recognition of cannabis's therapeutic benefits among veterans, particularly for conditions such as PTSD, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Impact on the Industry and Stigma

This finding has significant implications for the cannabis industry and the broader societal perception of cannabis. It highlights a shift towards acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate medical treatment, potentially driving demand for medical cannabis products tailored to veterans' needs. Furthermore, the medical endorsement of cannabis use helps combat the stigma surrounding cannabis, promoting its normalization as a therapeutic agent.

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Economic and Social Conditions

The study revealed that a substantial portion of the veteran population faces economic hardships, with only 22% employed full-time and 30% having experienced homelessness.

Impact on Policy and Support Systems

These insights call for a more robust support system for veterans, including better access to medical cannabis as a cost-effective treatment option. It also emphasizes the need for policies that support veterans' economic stability and healthcare access, potentially influencing cannabis policy to ensure it meets veterans' specific needs.

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Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage

The high rates of health insurance (84%) and prescription drug coverage (81%) among respondents suggest that veterans have relatively good access to healthcare services. However, the reliance on cannabis for treatment indicates gaps in traditional healthcare models.

Industry and Healthcare System Implications

This scenario presents an opportunity for the cannabis industry to work closely with healthcare providers and insurance companies to integrate medical cannabis more effectively into veterans' treatment plans. It also underscores the importance of advocating for insurance coverage of medical cannabis, which could have far-reaching effects on reducing healthcare costs and improving quality of life for veterans.

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Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Coverage

The "Veterans' Health and Cannabis" study provides compelling evidence of the significant role cannabis plays in the health and well-being of veterans. By highlighting the therapeutic use of cannabis, the economic and social challenges faced by veterans, and the potential gaps in the healthcare system, this research not only informs the cannabis industry and healthcare providers but also contributes to the ongoing effort to destigmatize cannabis use. 

As we move forward, these findings should guide the development of targeted policies, support systems, and products that address the unique needs of the veteran community, fostering a more inclusive and understanding approach to cannabis and healthcare.

Press for the Anonymous Veterans Health and Cannabis Citizen Science Study

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The 2019 Veterans Health and Medical Cannabis Study

Published on: November 9, 2020

Recognized for their exceptional contributions in conducting research studies, the Cannabis Center of Excellence, spearheaded by the visionary CEO ​Marion McNabb, along with the talented team comprising Vanessa Jones, ​Alyssa Pingitore, and ​David 'DJ' Ritter, has been featured among other industry leaders. Dive into this extensive article by Cannabis Science and Technology to learn more about their groundbreaking work.

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Researchers studying veterans’ use of medical marijuana; early results presented in Holyoke

Published: Apr. 19, 2019

by Anne-Gerard Flynn

 The ongoing Veterans Health and Cannabis Citizen Science Study in Massachusetts is delving into the utilization of medical marijuana among veterans for the treatment of medical and behavioral health conditions. Early findings reveal that a notable number of veterans turn to medical cannabis to address chronic pain and PTSD. For a more comprehensive understanding and in-depth analysis, refer to the complete article on MASS LIVE, featuring preliminary results conducted by ​Marion McNabb, CEO of Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, ​David "DJ" Ritter, and other experts.

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