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In collaboration with the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE), we're excited to introduce the iCount Research Study. Participants receive Undoo® products to evaluate their effectiveness for the intended outcomes. It's important to note that Undoo® products do not contain cannabis or cannabinoids and will be available for research participants to assess.

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What is Undoo?

Undoo® is a revolutionary product designed to address common challenges faced by cannabis consumers, including accidental THC overconsumption, THC-induced brain fog, and the effects of THC tolerance buildup. Crafted with safety and effectiveness in mind, Undoo® softgels are formulated without any cannabinoids, making them a unique addition to the cannabis consumer's toolkit. By targeting the discomforts associated with THC without utilizing additional cannabinoids, Undoo® offers a novel approach to enhancing the cannabis experience.

Key Benefits of Undoo:

Rapid Relief from Accidental Overconsumption: Provides a quick solution to counteract the unwanted effects of too much THC.

Clears THC-Induced Brain Fog: Helps dispel the haziness and cognitive cloudiness that can follow cannabis use.

Resets THC Tolerance: Aids in managing tolerance levels to THC, potentially restoring the effectiveness of cannabis products for frequent users.

Where to Access the Undoo Citizen Study

The Undoo Citizen Study is actively inviting participants from across the spectrum of cannabis consumers. Whether you're an occasional user, a medicinal consumer, or someone exploring cannabis for the first time, your insights and experiences are invaluable.

Participation Access: Interested individuals can join by filling out the form on the contact us page and we will get back to you asap with more information!

Study Process: After signing up, participants will receive Undoo® softgels along with instructions on how to use them and report their experiences and outcomes. This real-world evidence will contribute to a deeper understanding of the product's efficacy and its potential role in cannabis consumption.

Contributing to Cannabis Science

Participating in the Undoo Citizen Study is not just about exploring the benefits of Undoo® softgels; it's an opportunity to contribute to the broader cannabis research landscape. Your participation helps:

Advance Cannabis Research: By providing valuable data on THC management, you're contributing to the scientific understanding of cannabis and its effects.

Influence Product Development: Feedback from study participants directly informs the refinement and development of cannabis-related products.

Support Community Education: Findings from the study will aid in educating the cannabis community about managing consumption, enhancing safety, and improving overall experiences.

Your experiences can make a difference. Join the Undoo Citizen Study and be part of a pioneering group of individuals dedicated to improving the cannabis consumption landscape. For more information and to sign up click the link below. Together, we can navigate the complexities of cannabis consumption and discover new ways to optimize the experience.

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Tolerance Reset 

Frequent cannabis consumers and patients can experience a THC tolerance build up and/or diminished effects of their cannabis products. With Undoo® Reset, consumers are able to restore their THC tolerance.

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.



Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis consumer, at times, THC can have unpredictable psychoactive effects, leaving you in an uncomfortable dysphoria. undoo® Rescue softgels can help clear your head and bring you to a more enjoyable state.

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.


Brain Fog

Lingering haziness from cannabis consumption  can leave you in a mental fog. undoo® Refresh softgels promote clarity to bring you to a more comfortable state. 

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.

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