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"Cannabis as an Alternative for Harm Reduction Study" Webinar Part 1 of 3

iCount for Veterans: Undoo Product Research Study

Cannabis Chat Live:  Video by Pro Cannabis Media 

Discover groundbreaking insights in the ​Cannabis Center of Excellence video with ​Dr. Marion McNabb. Dive into comprehensive cannabis research discussions, the transformative health benefits for ​veterans, and the crucial role of medical cannabis education. Learn about the challenges and advancements in cannabis studies, including the significant impact on policy and patient care. Join the conversation on the future of cannabis in healthcare.

CCOE, MCR and BU Cannabis Science Fair

Explore groundbreaking cannabis research at Boston University's science fair, featuring MCR Labs and the Cannabis Center of Excellence led by Dr. Marion McNabb. Uncover the hurdles and achievements in the field of cannabis testing and regulation and honor the scientific validation of cannabis as a therapeutic remedy. A milestone event for cannabis science, innovation, and community engagement.

Cannabis Education Series: Cannabis 101 Video

Cannabis and COVID 19 Research Event

Seeing Through the Smoke

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Cannabis Use and Harm Reduction

Dr. Marion McNabb presents key findings on healthcare providers' knowledge and attitudes towards medical cannabis at CannMed 2022, aiming to bridge the education gap for better patient support. Study by CCOE, Medicinal Genomics, and UMass Dartmouth.

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The state of Cannabis in Massachusetts

Join Pro Cannabis Media as they host Dr. Marion McNabb, a prominent figure from the Cannabis Center of Excellence (formerly known as the cannabis community care research network C3RN). Get exclusive insights into the groundbreaking discoveries being made by the Cannabis Center of Excellence.

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Healthcare Provider Medical Cannabis Research Study

Dr. Marion McNabb presents the "Healthcare Provider Medical Cannabis Research Study" at CannMed 2022, highlighting gaps in providers' cannabis knowledge. Conducted by CCOE, the study aims to understand healthcare professionals' views on medical cannabis education and practices.

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Medicinal Genomics Podcast Interview with Marion McNabb

​ Dr. Marion McNabb of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, alongside team members ​David Ritter and ​Vanessa Jones, discusses on a podcast the use of medical cannabis among veterans, addressing treatment benefits, access barriers, and support programs. Insights from their study, the impact of COVID-19 on cannabis use, and the implications of New Jersey's cannabis legalization are highlighted.

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VETERANS ACTION COUNCIL Podcast Interview with Marion McNabb

Explore Dr. Marion McNabb's groundbreaking medical cannabis research in V.A.C. Roundtable #57. Uncover veteran cannabis use insights from a leading field expert. Discover her latest study on alternative treatments for US military veterans. Must-watch for data-driven discussions

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