Undoo Veterans' Health Study (Baseline)

Explore the groundbreaking study on veterans' use of medical cannabis. Insights on health benefits, challenges, and industry implications. A vital read for understanding cannabis' role in veterans' lives.

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Veterans and Medical Cannabis: Unveiling the Impact Through Research

The Undoo Veterans Health Study, now concluded, offered groundbreaking insights into the use of Undoo® softgels by veterans facing challenges with THC overconsumption, tolerance, and brain fog. This initiative shed light on the potential benefits of Undoo®, which is designed without cannabinoids, for improving mental clarity and managing the effects of THC, marking a significant step forward in addressing the specific needs of veterans within the cannabis consumption space.

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Tolerance Reset 

Frequent cannabis consumers and patients can experience a THC tolerance build up and/or diminished effects of their cannabis products. With Undoo® Reset, consumers are able to restore their THC tolerance.

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.



Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis consumer, at times, THC can have unpredictable psychoactive effects, leaving you in an uncomfortable dysphoria. undoo® Rescue softgels can help clear your head and bring you to a more enjoyable state.

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.


Brain Fog

Lingering haziness from cannabis consumption  can leave you in a mental fog. undoo® Refresh softgels promote clarity to bring you to a more comfortable state. 

undoo® products do not contain any cannabinoids.

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Study Methods

The study employs a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative data from surveys with qualitative insights from interviews. Participants include veterans who use cannabis medically, providing a comprehensive view of their experiences and outcomes.

Key Findings and Their Impact

The study revealed that these softgels, which do not contain cannabinoids, played a significant role in managing THC overconsumption symptoms, reducing brain fog, and aiding in THC tolerance reset. These outcomes highlight Undoo®'s potential as a supportive tool for veterans using medical cannabis, showcasing the product's ability to address specific challenges faced by this group in their cannabis consumption journey.

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Impact on Medical Cannabis Industry and Stigma:

The impact of the Undoo Veterans Health Study on cannabis stigma is profound. It illustrates a shift towards recognizing and addressing the practical concerns of cannabis consumption among veterans. By scientifically validating the benefits of Undoo® softgels for managing THC-related issues without psychoactive components, this research challenges negative perceptions and highlights the potential for responsible use. The findings serve as a catalyst for changing dialogues around cannabis, promoting a more nuanced understanding of its use and benefits within the veteran community and beyond.


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This study is essential for those who are interested in replacing traditional medications with cannabis as an alternative.

Impact on Cannabis Community and Stigma

Changing the stigma can be a challence. Picture of brain fighting stigma.

Broadening Acceptance

Further research could include longitudinal studies tracking health outcomes over time among veterans using medical cannabis, comparative studies evaluating the efficacy of cannabis versus traditional treatments for specific conditions, and qualitative research exploring personal experiences and societal attitudes towards veterans' cannabis use. These studies would provide deeper insights into the long-term benefits and potential risks, contributing to more informed policies and practices in healthcare and societal acceptance.

Undoo Study Medical Impact

The influence of the study on the cannabis industry is substantial, highlighting the need for innovative products like Undoo® that cater to consumer safety and experience. By demonstrating effectiveness in managing THC overconsumption, the study advocates for broader acceptance and integration of such solutions in the market, encouraging the development of more responsible consumption tools. This fosters a safer cannabis environment, potentially expanding market reach and improving public perception of cannabis as a manageable and beneficial substance.

Conclusion to the Undoo Study

Concluding the discussion on the Undoo Veterans Health Study, this research underscores the crucial role of innovative approaches in enhancing veterans' well-being through safe cannabis use. The findings not only offer new pathways for managing the effects of THC but also pave the way for further research and development in the field. As we look forward, the study's implications for public health, policy, and the cannabis industry promise to foster a deeper understanding and broader acceptance of cannabis, emphasizing its potential benefits when used responsibly.

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