Vanessa Jones

Vanessa Jones. Dedicated member of the Cannabis Center of Excellence.


Vanessa Jones is a remarkable professional who has distinguished herself as the Founder and CEO of Your Virtual Right Hand, delivering exceptional executive assistance, marketing, and business development services. Her commitment to excellence, reflected in her outstanding professionalism, organization, and tact, has been instrumental in the success and advancement of numerous organizations, including her notable involvement with the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE).

In her role as the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors at the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Vanessa demonstrates her adept skills in managing operations, particularly in a remote setting. This position underscores her exceptional ability in organizational and communication skills.

Vanessa's expertise was further evident during her tenure at Minorities for Medical Marijuana, where she served as the Executive Office Administrator. In this role, she efficiently managed the daily operations of a national organization with extensive reach, including 24 state chapters, multiple international chapters, and a robust executive team. Her responsibilities encompassed managing schedules, supervising correspondence, providing administrative support, and organizing significant events and forums. Notably, she was instrumental in implementing new technology and systems to enhance the organization's efficiency and cohesion. She also served as the Project Manager for the Cannabis Business Licensing Bootcamp, showcasing her leadership and project management prowess.

Her role at the Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE) involved assisting in various capacities, contributing to the organization's mission in advancing social justice in the cannabis industry. Her work at CCOE highlights her dedication to meaningful causes and her ability to adapt her skills to different organizational needs.

Vanessa Jones. CEO of Your Virtual Right Hand. Important member of the Cannabis Center of Excellence.

Prior to these roles, Vanessa worked with the California Black Chamber of Commerce as an Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant. Her responsibilities included secretarial tasks, event planning and management, and maintaining key corporate relationships, further demonstrating her versatile skill set.

Vanessa Jones -right- and Marion McNabb - left.

Earlier in her career, Vanessa was involved with Inspire Charter Schools as an Administrative Secretary and Database Manager, where she managed critical aspects of the Special Education Department, showcasing her ability to handle diverse administrative tasks.

Marion McNabb and Vanessa Jones from the Cannabis Center of Excellence.

Vanessa's academic background includes studies in Deaf Studies and Biology at California State University-Sacramento, adding another dimension to her diverse skill set. Proficient in American Sign Language and English, she brings a unique perspective to her professional endeavors.

Vanessa Jones' career is marked by her adaptability, excellence in various administrative and managerial roles, and a steadfast commitment to organizational success and development. Her involvement with the Cannabis Center of Excellence, alongside other notable positions, underlines her status as a leading professional in executive assistance, organizational management, and her dedication to impactful causes.

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