Future of Cannabis In New Jersey Study

Exploring the Transformative Impact of Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Study by CCOE

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Unveiling New Perspectives on Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of New Jersey's progressive journey towards cannabis legalization. This comprehensive study, conducted in collaboration with Rider University and esteemed industry experts, offers valuable insights into the multifaceted implications of cannabis reform in New Jersey. Our objective is not only to illuminate the current state of cannabis policy but also to contribute constructively to its future.

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Insightful Journey: From Reefer Madness Course to a New Vision for Cannabis in New Jersey

In the fall of 2020, students at Rider University, guided by experts from the Cannabis Center of Excellence, embarked on a groundbreaking project. This endeavor, part of the "Reefer Madness: From Panic to Profit" course, was aimed at dissecting and understanding the intricate fabric of marijuana policy in the United States, with a keen focus on New Jersey. Key contributors included Dr. Marion McNabb, President of CCOE, and Shekia Scott, a renowned Cannabis and Social Equity Expert, among others.

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Transformative Insights: Understanding Public Opinion and Social Dynamics

Our study, conducted over several weeks, gathered opinions from a wide range of New Jersey residents, providing a comprehensive understanding of public sentiment towards cannabis legalization. Key findings include:

  • Public Support for Legalization: A striking 90% favored legalizing cannabis for adult use.
  • Economic Optimism: 85% believe legalization will positively impact the economy.
  • Social Equity Concerns: 69% expressed that legalization could address racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system.
  • Medical Cannabis Benefits: Notable relief reported for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

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Enhancing Health Outcomes Through Medical Cannabis Insights

Medical cannabis has shown promising potential in improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from various health conditions. Our study highlights cannabis's efficacy in managing anxiety, depression, and pain, underscoring the need for accessible and informed healthcare discussions around its use.

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Cannabis Legalization in NJ Study Proves Helpful in Determining Future of Cannabis in NJ.
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Advancing Social Justice in the Cannabis Landscape

The legalization of cannabis opens avenues to address historical injustices, particularly in BIPOC communities disproportionately affected by past drug policies. Our study emphasizes the need for robust social equity programs and policy reforms to ensure an inclusive and fair cannabis industry.

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Empowering Communities Through Informed Decision-Making

Voter education emerged as a critical factor in shaping public opinion and policy. Our study underscores the importance of informed advocacy, enabling voters to make decisions that reflect both community needs and individual beliefs.

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Charting a Path Forward: Recommendations for a More Equitable Cannabis Industry

Based on our findings, we advocate for:

  • Comprehensive social equity programs in cannabis legislation.
  • Policies facilitating access and participation for historically marginalized communities.
  • Expungement and restorative justice initiatives for those unfairly impacted by previous drug laws.
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Shaping the Future​ of Cannabis in New Jersey: A Collective Endeavor

This study marks a significant step in understanding and shaping the future of cannabis policy in New Jersey. We invite policymakers, community leaders, and citizens to engage with these findings and join us in forging a path toward a more equitable and health-conscious cannabis future.

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Join the Conversation: Be a Part of the Change

We invite you to delve further into our research and join the ongoing conversation about cannabis legalization. Visit CCOE's Get Involved Page for more information, and get involved with our initiatives to foster informed, health-focused, and socially equitable cannabis policies.

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CCOE - Press for Cannabis Legalization in NJ Study

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Rider to offer cannabis studies certificate beginning this fall

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2022

Rider University's new online Cannabis Studies Certificate Program, guided by experts like ​Dr. Marion McNabb, ​DJ. Ritter, and Rachel Stengel, and led by Dr. Sarah Trocchio, launches this fall. The program covers biological, legal, ethical, and business aspects, preparing students for the expanding cannabis market.

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Sociology seminar explores U.S. drug policy through marijuana legalization debate

Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020

Rider University's course, led by ​Dr. Marion McNabb and ​DJ Ritter of the Cannabis Center of Excellence, explores U.S. drug policy and NJ's cannabis legalization, highlighted by Adam Grybowski. It focuses on social equity and includes a NJ resident survey on legalization.

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The Future of Cannabis in New Jersey: A Report Prepared by the Students of Rider University's Reefer Madness Course

Friday, May 13, 2022

Katharine Van Tassel's article discusses a Rider University study, led by ​Dr. Marion McNabb​ and DJ Ritter, revealing that 90% of NJ adults support legalizing adult-use cannabis. The study, focusing on cannabis' economic and health impacts, suggests it helps reduce opioid use.

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