Cannabis as an Alternative Study Results Release and Discussion with Dr. Marion McNabb and Dr. Peter Grinspoon


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Cannabis as an Alternative Study Results Release and Discussion with Dr. Marion McNabb and Dr. Peter Grinspoon

Live Discussion, Webinar #1


Join for free April 9 7 PM! This will be the first part of a three-part webinar series about cannabis and its role in reducing other unwanted substances as a Harm Reduction Alternative. Join Dr. Marion McNabb and Dr. Peter Grinspoon as they discuss the results of a recently concluded research study they led asking cannabis consumers and patients if they were using cannabis to reduce the use of any substance, including alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, opiates or other street drugs. Join this free webinar to learn more about the role cannabis can play and join the live Q&A with speakers Join for free thanks to our sponsors Green Lion Partners, Caroline's Cannabis, Holistic Health Group, and Media Partner Talking Joints Memo.


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About the Webinar Series

Event Date: April 9, 7 PM EST

Presenters: ​Dr. Marion McNabb & Dr. Grinspoon

Topic: Learn findings from the Cannabis as an Alternative Study and other Clinical Harm Reduction Evidence.

Event Date: April 23, 7 PM EST

Presenters: Dr. Grinspoon & Dr. McNabb

Topic: Presenting and Discussing Cannabis and Harm Reduction Research Results and Implications for Massachusetts Opioid Epidemic

Event Date: May 23, 7 PM EST

Presenter: Dr. McNabb

Topic: The Policy Implications of Integrating Cannabis as an Alternative in Massachusetts.

Research Findings

From August 14 to Nov 31, 2023, 586 people responded to the Cannabis as an Alternative Research Study, with 76% reporting using cannabis as an alternative therapy or treatment of health conditions/symptoms. Respondents reported cannabis helps/helped them reduce: 79% prescription drugs, 62% tobacco, 58% alcohol, and 54% opioids. Citation: McNabb et al 2023. Cannabis as an Alternative Study Results. Learn More!

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Contact Dr. Marion McNabb to support this series at 404-985-8149 or [email protected].

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