Cannabis Center of Excellence Brand Guidelines

Welcome to the Cannabis Center of Excellence Brand Guidelines. Our brand is more than just a logo; it represents our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of cannabis research, education, and advocacy. These guidelines are designed to maintain the consistency and integrity of our brand across all platforms and media.

Our Logo

The logo is at the heart of our brand identity. It symbolizes our dedication to pioneering research and the promotion of holistic wellness through cannabis.

  • Preferred Format: Our logo comes in three main variants - full color, solid white and solid black. The horizontal layout is the default orientation, while the square format serves as our icon for more compact applications.
  • Logo Usage:
    • Co-branding: When featured alongside partner logos.
    • Sponsorships: To denote our support or sponsorship.
    • Educational and Advocacy: In contexts that promote cannabis research and education.

Logo Specifications

  • Size and Visibility: Ensure the logo is prominent and clear, adhering to minimum size requirements for readability.
  • Color Scheme: Utilize our brand colors effectively.
    • Primary: #000000 (Black)
    • Secondary: #FFFFFF (White)
    • Accent: #7DC24D (Vibrant Green)
    • Accent: #654AA6 (Deep Purple)
  • Clear Space: Maintain adequate clear space around the logo, equivalent to the size of the icon's square format, to ensure it stands out without interference.

Brand Colors

Correct Use

  • Consistency: Use the logo consistently in its original proportion and orientation. Avoid altering, distorting, or adding effects.
  • Backgrounds: The logo should only be placed on backgrounds that ensure legibility and respect the brand's color palette.
  • Minimum Contrast: A minimum contrast ratio of 1:10 is required for the logo against its background to maintain visibility.

Prohibited Use

  • Alterations: Do not separate, rearrange, distort, or change the proportions of any logo element.
  • Unofficial Artwork: Avoid using fan-generated or unapproved third-party art that could confuse or dilute the brand's image.
  • Imitation: Do not mimic or imitate our brand styling for your unrelated materials, even if there is a partnership.
  • Merchandise: Our logo should not be used on merchandise for sale or distribution without explicit permission.

Fan Art and Third-Party Sites

We appreciate the enthusiasm of our community but must insist that fan art and third-party representations of our brand adhere strictly to these guidelines to avoid confusion or misrepresentation.


Our brand is a reflection of our commitment to excellence in the cannabis field. By following these guidelines, you help us maintain the integrity and consistency of our brand's representation worldwide.